Posted on: November 2, 2007

[Photo] Courtesy of Imperial College Climbing Expedition

Five Imperial College students went to the Quimsa Cruz mountain range in Bolivia to climb new rock routes and explore the area, looking for rock climbing potential. The group climbed eleven routes, ten of which are believed to be new routes. Eight of the routes were purely rock routes, two were long scrambling ‘alpine' routes, and one was a mixed route. Several areas showing good new rock route potential were documented.

"Friday 13 July: It takes an entire day for Hal and Virgil to traverse 8m in an attempt to find a line of weakness the overhanging section on the big wall. Virgil Places a bolt by hand in order to retreat from this position and leave a solid anchor to ascend to the next day. Bernard, Ben and Markus climb a short icefall to the East of base camp..."


Photos and information can be found on the team's website.

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