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Sliding Liberia Wins 2008 Grand Prize

Jackson, Wyoming – January 21, 2008 – Sliding Liberia, the film that made its world debut on January 18 and won that night’s People’s Choice Award, was chosen the Grand Prize winner of the 2008 Alpinist Film Festival. The audience selected the recipient on January 20 at the first annual People’s Choice Ceremonies, a fourth and final night that showcased the “best of” Snow, Surf and Stone nights.

Let It Ride: The Craig Kelly Story and Diamonds are Forever, the other People’s Choice Award winners, were presented with Sliding Liberia for the final night of the 2008 Festival at the Center for the Arts in downtown Jackson, Wyoming. Sliding won the audience’s Grand Prize vote by a narrow margin.

“The People’s Choice Ceremonies were a resounding success,” said AFF director Christian Beckwith. “In addition to hosting the Festival’s finest films in a single event, the fourth night allowed the community to get involved with the Grand Prize selection process at the climax of the Festival.”

Sliding Liberia is a surf film/social documentary that follows a group of young surfers to Liberia in search of more than perfect waves. As they travel through the West African country, devastated by decades of brutal civil war, they record the stories of people they meet along the way–people like Alfred, a young boy who became Liberia’s first surfer after finding a bodyboard while fleeing from rebels. Besides rediscovering a world-class point break that could be the best-kept secret in the surfing world, the surfers find something much more important–a way to travel responsibly in the 21st century.

“It’s fitting that a film about bringing communities together in one of the places of our inspiration would win this year’s Grand Prize,” Beckwith said. “That sentiment is the foundation of the Festival itself.”

Courtesy of Patagonia, the filmmakers of Sliding Liberia will receive Patagonia gift certificates worth $2,250. The filmmakers of the other two People’s Choice Award winners, Diamonds and Let It Ride, each will receive a $750 gift certificate from Patagonia.

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