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With each print edition of Alpinist, we aim to create a work of art, paying attention to every detail—from our extended photo captions to our carefully selected images and well-crafted stories. Inside our pages, we strive to offer our readers an experience like that of adventure climbing, a realm of words and images where they can wander, discover new viewpoints on the past, present and future—and encounter moments of awe and questioning, of struggle, aspiration and beauty.

By publishing the work of contributors from a wide range of ages, nations, backgrounds and cultures, we hope to reflect the diversity within climbing communities. Over time, back issues have become collectors’ items, serving as historical references and ongoing inspirations.

Like our readers, we believe that great writing and art about climbing demand the same boldness, commitment and vision as the pursuit itself. JOIN US.

Current Issue

Alpinist 85 | Spring 2024

Cover: Jackson Marvell climbs the north-facing headwall of Jannu (7710m) last October during the first ascent of Roundtrip Ticket (AI5+ M7, 2700m). [Photo] Matt Cornell

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  • $17.50 for 1 issue (automatic renewal by credit card only)
  • $59.95 for 1 year (4 issues)
  • $109.95 for 2 years (8 issues)

(Canadian Subscribers will be charged an additional $10 per year and all other countries will be charged $20 more per year.)

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How do I find my customer number and the issue my subscription expires with on my shipping label?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Alpinist subscription cost?

The standard price for Alpinist is $59.95 for 1 year ( 4 issues) and $109.95 for 2 years (8 issues).

Canadian Subscribers will be charged an additional $10 per year and all other countries will be charged $20 more per year.

How often is Alpinist published?

Alpinist is published quarterly: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

When can I expect my copy of Alpinist to arrive?

For domestic subscribers, please allow up to six weeks for delivery of your first issue. International subscribers please allow up to eight weeks.

Following my order, I received an email from Backcountry Magazine. I thought I subscribed to Alpinist!?

Backcountry and Alpinist are both owned by the same publisher, Height of Land Publications. Your confirmation email was sent through a server hosting multiple titles–but rest assured, you only ordered a subscription to Alpinist.

How can I track my Alpinist order?

Following your online order, you received an email containing a confirmation number: W*******. Visit to access your account where you can update your address, check the status of your order or make a payment. Select “Track a Subscription Transaction” and enter your confirmation number.

How can I access my Alpinist subscriber account?

Once you receive the first copy of Alpinist, look for your customer number on the mailing label above your name and address. This label will be on the plastic polybag protecting your magazine. Using this number, you may:
Update your address
Renew your subscription

Check the status of an order
Make a payment

How do I find my customer number and the issue my subscription expires with on my shipping label?
How do I give the gift of Alpinist?

Give a gift subscription to Alpinist by ordering online. Either login using your customer number or begin here.

Enter your billing information and click next. Your computer will likely auto-fill your billing information as shipping information on the next page. If this occurs, simply replace the entries with the correct shipping information for the gift recipient. Removing your personal information here will not result in loss of your billing information. Click “submit” and look for an email confirming your gift of Alpinist.

How can I order a back issue of Alpinist?

Alpinist issues from #26 forward are available for purchase directly through our online store. The price for each issue of Alpinist is $19.95 US Dollars plus shipping & handling.