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From March 9 to March 11, Nick Bullock and I climbed a mixed, 300-meter direct start (ED3: M6+/7) to the Brown-Patey (TD+/ED1, Brown-Patey, 1963) on the Nant Blanc face of the Aiguille Sans Nom. We then continued up the middle section of the Brown-Patey, adding several variations up to M6+, and finished off with the Marsigny-Mohr (TD+: 80 Degrees, Marsigny-Mohr, 1990) to the Broche Sans Nom before descending to the Charpoua Glacier. A relatively warm daytime temperature of -3 degrees celsius, dropping to -10 degrees celsius at night, made for ideal winter climbing conditions. We were both impressed by the sustained nature of the climbing on the Brown-Patey, a ca. 1000-meter route that only recently received a winter ascent.

— Julian Cartwright, Herefordshire, United Kingdom