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[Photo] Frank Kovalchek/Wikimedia Commons

Mooses Tooth (3150m)

Rising from the Buckskin Glacier, Bird of Prey (1500m, 6a M7+ A2 90 degrees), the most direct line up the east face, was completed in 48 hours camp-to-camp by Dani Arnold and David Lama (stopped on summit plateau). Sustained technical difficulties of a very high order.

Mooses Tooth (3150m)

Another route of sustained technical difficulty of similarly high order, Terror (1500m, WI6 M7 R/X A2), was climbed by Scot Adamson and Chris Wright (who walked across to the summit).

Mooses Tooth (3150m)

Scott Adamson and Pete Tapley climbed NWS towards the right side of this 1500m face at AI6 and M5, in the process making the first free route on this impressively steep wall. They stopped on the summit plateau.

Mount Laurens (3052m)

Second ascent of this remote peak near to Foraker, Mark Allen (USA) and Graham Zimmerman (NZ/USA) having to walk two days from their drop-off point to the foot of the mountain. They were probably the first to visit the southwest fork of the Lacuna Glacier, from which they climbed the northeast buttress (1400m, V AI4 M7 A1) in a 67-hour round trip.

The Citadel (2590m)

First ascent of Hypa-Zypa Couloir (1,300m, VI 5.10R AI5+ M6+ A3) on the east face by Ben Erdmann, Jess Roskelley, and Kristoffer Szilas. The climbers traversed the peak, descending the north ridge, and regained their camp on the glacier ca. 70 hours after leaving.

The Apocalypse (2848m)

First ascent of this major peak in the remote, infrequently visited, and climatically challenged Revelation Mountains by Clint Helander and Jason Stuckey via the west Face (1350m AI5).