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[Photo] Christine Zenino/Wikimedia Commons

The Horn (ca 1700m)

First ascent of the seaward face of this formation on Upernavik Island off the west coast of Greenland. Jacob Cook and Ian Faulkner climbed the 1000m face free to complete Cosmic Rave (British E6 6b). There were particularly runout sections and part of the face was fixed prior to the final push. Faulkner and Tom Codrington also climbed the 800m, vertical, seaward face of Ivnarssuaq Great Wall, in a 72-hour alpine style push with two poor bivouacs, to produce The Incredible Orange (British E3 5c).

Navianarpoq (1550m)

In the Torssuqatoq Spires the Spanish-Basque team of Txemari Andres, Vicente Castro and Kepa Escribano climbed five fine new rock routes. The longest, the southeast face of Navianarpoq, was ascended, and a complex descent made of the previously untouched south ridge, in 35 hours camp-to-camp; Nunatak (735m of climbing, 7a A1).

Breakfast Spire

First ascent of the elegant south ridge of a summit in the Torssuqatoq Spires first climbed by the 2010 American-Belgian team. Quinn Brett, John Dickey, Prairie Kearney, and Lizzy Scully reached the previously unclimbed south summit block to complete Morning Luxury (430m of climbing, 5.11a/b). The three women also climbed the 550m Plenty for Everyone (5.10+/11-) on the southeast face of Barnes Wall.