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The Continuum Project: Lion’s Head

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Lion’s Head is a peaceful port village in Ontario, Canada surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs. The relatively unknown seaside cliffs pepper the beautiful Bruce Peninsula and offer excellent sport climbing.

This video short is part of The Continuum Project, a new film by Chris Alstrin. Download the film or buy the DVD to get a tour from locals Greg Williamson and Leslie Timms, and to watch visiting American climbers Sam Elias, Emily Harrington and Lauren Lee send the area classics.

The Continuum Project follows some of the world’s best climbing talent around the globe. Check out the full trailer here.

The film extends the focus of Higher Ground to gain new perspective on the motivations and courage of some of the world’s top climbers.

Alpinist will launch six shorts by filmmaker Chris Alstrin–available only on–that give a taste of his new film. We’ve already released footage of a new route on Kwangde Shar (6093m) in Nepal’s Khumbu Himal, Guy Lacelle on a 180-meter WI6 free solo and Jon Walsh and Ian Welsted’s adventures at Icefall Brook.

Want more videos now? See more of Alstrin’s work by visiting Alpinist TV or the links below. Alstrin’s films can be purchased at For a limited time, get a free copy of Luxury Liner when you buy The Continuum Project.

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