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Video: Fitz Traverse

In the February 18, 2014 NewsWire by Rolando Garibotti, Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold completed the 5000-meter Fitz Traverse (5.11d C1 65 degrees) in the Chalten massif. To move quickly, they simulclimbed much of the terrain to summit 10 major towers and satellite peaks over five days.

“I’d wanted to see that place of survival again, where we’re reminded that human capabilities are nearly limitless and that our world still contains mysteries,” Caldwell wrote in his telling of the ascent
published in Alpinist 48.

Sender Films and Big Up Productions put together a clip of thier film, A Line Across the Sky, documenting Caldwell and Honnold’s Ascent.

[Video] Big Up Productions and Sender Films