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Cloudveil Switchback Pants

MSRP: $120

The Switchback Pants from Cloudveil offer a complete balance of fit, function and fashion, as we transition into the warm summer days. So far, I have exclusively worn this pant on my motorcycle (KLR650), to the chiropractor and on the Grand. They are perfect for all three. The small details are what make this pant surpass the rest. The fleece-lined, grippy waist belt provides comfort and helps avoid the dreaded “plumber’s crack” when you are high stepping to that hard-to-reach foothold or bending over to tighten up your boots. Breathable pockets keep the midsection cool, while the reverse YKK zippers keep the outside of the garment clean and smooth. Schoeller Dynamic fabric rounds out the package and offers proven durability, breathability and weather repellency.