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Mammut Dyneema 8mm Slings

MSRP: $12-$20 depending upon length

It took me a while, but I have finally collected a bunch of Mammut Dyneema 8mm slings. I love using them because it usually means that I’m going high, fast, and long in the mountains. You definitely notice the reduction in bulk and weight when you have a full allotment of these puppies for your rack, with all sizes from 30cm to 240cm lengths. The low 8mm profile helps them rack nice and tight for reduced snagging and tangling when you have to bring a dozen or so. The best choice is to pair them up with some of today’s 28g wiregate carabineers. As always, you want to be on the whole “light is right” program to maximize results. I think Mammut sells them in a package of eight or ten that way too. The inside story it that Mammut has an even skinnier 6mm model on the way. The biggest thing about these slings is getting the confidence to trust them.