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Mountain Safety Research Titan Cookware

MSRP: $50

MSR’s Titan cookware feels like it’s not even there when it’s in your pack, which is just what the titanium is supposed to do. These “light is right” pots help keep you charging ahead, for the long haul. I did a four-day ski mountaineering trip in the Wind River Range this pass spring, and it was great to be able to shave ounces when we had to go to “dry land” for about six to eight miles before another ten to twelve on skis to camp. I love the simple things, like how MSR is able to get the lid handle to stay upright when cooking. It is best to bring a heat exchanger along if you are camping above ten thousand feet, or in relatively cold conditions. I think the combination is better than carrying just a steel pot alone as well. We all keep gravitating to the kettle model…minimalists for sure.