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Petzl Grigri

MSRP: $85

The Petzl Grigri self-braking belay/descender device is a true industry standard. What can I say about the Grigri that has not been said over the years? Sure, some people will tell you that the Grigri does not give a dynamic belay and therefore increases forces on gear placements, blah, blah,…these are the ones still using figure-eights. However, proper use should negate this issue. I have used the Grigri to climb sport routes, long free routes and one-day ascents of El Cap; and each time, the Grigri has facilitated our efforts. Thanks to its durability, ease of use and reliability, not to mention the diagram (for monkeys like myself), it has become for me, the most trusted belay device on the market.