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Home » NewsWire » A Selected Bibliography for Issue 39’s Sharp End — The Center Will Not Hold

A Selected Bibliography for Issue 39’s Sharp End — The Center Will Not Hold

A Selected Bibliography for The Sharp End, Alpinist 39

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Additional interviews, research assistance and other correspondence provided by:

Janice Sacherer, Harish Kapadia, Divyesh Muni, Sumaira Jajja, Allen Steck, Hildegard Diemberger, Amanda Padoan, Peter Zuckerman, Bill Buxton, Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn, Steve Swenson, Michael Kennedy, Brot Coburn, Dawa Steven Sherpa, N. Nima Sherpa, Motup Chewang, Sarah Ives, Yong Liu, Meher Mehta, Suman Dubey, Eberhard Jurgalski, Shaheen Baig, Ashraf Aman and Simone Moro.

[With thanks to The Henry S. Hall, Jr. American Alpine Club Library and Top of the World Books.–Ed.]