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Gadd, Rainer Win at Ouray

Results from the 2015 Ouray Elite Mixed Competition, which took place on January 10, are in. “I love the creativity of the finals route and how it represented real climbing,” said competitor Jen Olson. A single move involving crossing the crack on an inverted tool placement stymied most climbers who got that high on the route.

(Top) Ines Papert falling off the finals route. She took fifth place.

[Photo] Heidi Wirtz

(Bottom) Jen Olson shakes out on the finals route. She placed fourth. [Photo] Emily Harrington


Will Gadd

Simon Duverney
Andres Marin
Sam Elias
Justin Willis
Mathieu Maynadier
Ryan Vachon
Kyle Dempster
Jason Nelson
Mael Baguet
Chance Ronemus
Will Mayo
Kurt Ross
Adam Daily
Carter Stritch
Marcus Garcia
Jedrzej Jablonski
Phil Wortmann
Luke Lydiard
Aaron Montgomery


Angelika Rainer

Sarah Hueniken
Katie Bono
Jen Olson
Ines Papert
Emily Harrington
Kendra Stritch
Dawn Glanc
Sasha DiGiulian
Beth Goralski