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India May Open Peaks, Pakistan Reduces Fees

Last month the Indian Ministry of Defense announced the potential opening of at least 104 peaks in Ladakh to climbers. Ladakh, in northern India, is part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been central to the long held border dispute between India and Pakistan. It also shares a border with China.

According to the Indian Mountaineering Federation there are 15 major peaks for climbing in the region that range from 5000 to over 7000 meters. The move, initially approved by the Ministry of Defense, now awaits approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The process likely will take a few months before a decision is finalized.

Also, across the border in Pakistan, the government reduced peak royalty fees for climbing expeditions. The reduction cuts fees by 50 percent for the normal 2010 climbing season and includes most peaks over 6500m, including K2. Find more information at