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Paraglider Lost in Peru

Below is a press release courtesy of Mike Christiansen -Ed

Xavier Murillo, 55, from France (a member of the Paragliding World Cup Association and a respected pilot) has been reported missing since July 1. Xavier has not reported or been seen after he took off with a white paraglider in the area of Caraz, Peru. The comunity of pilots and mountaineers are very worried, and launched a call for funds to finance a local search by aircrafts in the area.

Missing since July 1, 2011

He was in the Cordillera Blanca area and took off from Caraz in the direction of Huaraz. With other pilots, Xavier was participating in an event preparing for a future competition. Having been flying more than twenty-five years, he is an experienced pilot and was equiped with a cell phone and a radio. He has been unreachable since. The area is very wide with high alpine terrain and strong aerologic conditions. To his family and friends: the Paragliding World Cup staff and the French Embassy in Peru are actively involved in the organization of the research.

Already five days and five nights alone in the mountains

The alert was given Saturday by the other pilots who were flying in the area; a search and rescue team have been looking for him since. Local and experienced pilots are also on site to coordinate the search. On July 4, after the weather cleared up, a first aerial search of ninety minutes was done without any sign. On July 5, another aerial search of two hours was done, but was stopped by bad conditions; again, without any sign of Xavier. After five days and five nights on his own, it’s now more and more urgent to launch a massive search today, July 6, in the hope of finding him.

Funds are needed to help finance the search and rescue operations

Xavier’s instantly available 10,000 euros of insurance coverage has been allready spent. Immediatly available money is needed to finance aircraft. Midday on July 5, the paragliding world cup association has opened an account on Paypal to accept financial help. A single flight costs more that 15,000 euros.

For donations and the freshest news on the research, go to:

There is still hope

When not travelling the world’s paragliding spots, Xavier resides in Saint Hilaire du Touvet where he actively participates in the Coupe Icare. All his friends from the village are on the deck to spread the information and find the necessary financial resources to conduct the maximum effort of searching today. Organizing the search in the high mountains of Peru is not easy and all help is welcome.

A Facebook page is also created to track all information that is published on the search.

Avis de recherche a diffuser en local au Perou

Xavier Murillo a disparu le vendredi 1er Juillet 2011 au cours d’un vol en parapente entre Caraz et Huaraz dans la region de la Cordillera Blanca – (Perou). Merci a toute personne ayant apercu une aile blanche en vol dans cette region de le signaler a

Mike Christiansen

Mobile: +569 7569 4883

Se Busca en local Peru

Xavier Murillo desaparecio el viernes 1ero de julio 2011 mientras volaba en parapente entre Caraz y Huaraz en la Cordillera Blanca (Peru).

Toda persona que puede haber visto un parapente blanco volando en la region puede colaborar en este busqueda comunicandose con

Mike Christiansen

Mobile: +569 7569 4883

Search warning for local area in Peru

Xavier Murillo is reported missing since friday 1st July while flying a paraglider between Caraz and Huaraz in the Cordillera Blanca – Peru. Asking any person who would have seen a white wing in that area to report to

Mike Christiansen

Mobile: +569 7569 4883

For donations and updated information, the most important link to forward or publish is

Contacts a Saint-Hilaire:

Laurent Lafouche – tel : 06 63 79 59 99 – email:

Frederique Assael – tel : 06 10 26 43 16 – email: