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Survey: Sexual harassment/assault in the climbing environment

[Photo] Derek Franz

[Photo] Derek Franz

Alpinist, the American Alpine Club, the Access Fund and other climbing organizations and publications across the country are jointly distributing a survey on the occurrence of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the climbing world. Our goal is to quantify the extent of this problem in our community.

Your responses are important whether or not you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault. All responses will be kept anonymous unless you specify otherwise. The survey won’t require specifics, but you will have the opportunity to share details if you wish, or to participate voluntarily in follow-up conversation(s). You will also have the opportunity to opt-in to further journalistic reporting with Alpinist. The survey takes fewer than 5 minutes to complete, and should be done by 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on THURSDAY, May 31, 2018. (The deadline has been extended from May 6.)

Take the survey here:

[Content Note: the survey contains references to forms of sexual harassment and assault.]

Analysis will be done by two independent data scientists: Dr. Callie Rennison, renowned victimologist, and leading expert in statistical and survey methods; and Charlie Lieu, trained computational biologist with nearly 25 years of big data and decision analytics experience, often in clinical context requiring HIPAA privacy and security.

Responses gathered will be generalized for the purpose of our reporting, and will be used by climbing organizations to help develop or improve strategies to reduce incidents, increase understanding, and provide better support systems for all climbers. Other than use for analysis purposes by the two data scientists listed above, the raw data itself will be inaccessible by anyone else without explicit consent. The final data set will be stored with the highest security method, on a password-protected air-gapped device.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Dr. Rennison, at