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UIAA Launches Recall Database

The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) recently released a new online tool that allows climbers to search for equipment recalls across the entire industry.

The database, which spans recalled products from 1988 to current, is searchable by year, product name, equipment type, company and country of recall. It includes carabiners, slings, crampons, harnesses, ropes, cams and other climbing products. Click here to access the recall search tool.

“Before the UIAA recalls page existed, a climber would have to keep tabs on manufacturers, country specific recall sites, climbing websites, and climbing magazines,” said David Custer of the UIAA Safety Commission. “The time and the language ability required to find and verify recall information is now greatly reduced: at a glance, it is possible to view the global recall situation.”

The UIAA was founded in 1932. Today, one part of the organization’s mission is to provide “reliable safety standards for climbing equipment.” Gear that passes UIAA safety standards can display the UIAA Safety Label.


A screenshot of the new UIAA climbing recalls search function, available at