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Trip Report: New Mixed Route in Glacier NP

Not far into the long ski up to the cirque, over exertion and no sleep left Justin violently ill, and he opted to bail. Between dry heaves, he gave us the gear and showed the grit we know him for by shouting encouragement as he carried his skis back down the icy switchbacks…

Schooner Revealed

There is a person in the climbing world, a vigilante really, who has for some time kept looking over its shoulder…

Everyone in Denim

Though climbing skills are pretty important, so is looking stylish. You don’t look good pulling burly moves if your clothing is played out.

A Tribute to Climbing Cuisine

After spending a couple hours more than planned on an ice climb and descending in the dark, I can recall one of my most satisfying meals being found beneath the passenger’s seat of our waiting Range Rover…

Indoor Euporia, My Acceptance

For someone who is discouraged just at being indoors practicing a beloved sport on technicolor plastic in the shape of genitalia and smiley faces verses on opalescent granite in the great outdoors, I would rather avoid these further annoyances.

A Greater Reminder Still

Last week on this website, one blogger commented on this month’s K2 tragedy, and those factors which most likely brought about the disaster: “ignorance or laziness.”