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Bad Climbing Humor at its Finest

I‘ve never purported to be the funniest guy on the interweb, but it blows my mind just how bad some of this stuff is. And by “some of this stuff,” I mean this website:

“My climbing partner has headphones on while on belay and is listening to Beck’s ‘Am a loser baby, why don’t you kill me.’ –Gary Stevens”

Are you kidding me? How is that (or the other nine) funny, strange or otherwise bad? Probably the worst part is that it appears these top ten picks were submitted by different people… Gendron, Paggioli, Schneidewind? I’ll bet some cash someone made up all ten and gave them different aliases.

The wrong climbing partner? I’m thinking the guy who blasts Prodigy from his PT Cruiser in the parking lot, then pulls out a fatty bouldering pad.