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Base to Summit in 5 Seconds

Hi all.

Here is a video about a high-mountain session we did, Chasta and me, from the Lautaret Pass, on the 12th February. Of course, you already know everything about this kind of session. But this video is due above all to the websites where people definitely don’t know anything about snowkiting. We have to show them how great the potential of snowkiting is for high-mountain backcountry freeriding. We decided to show the smooth snowkiting action, easy, quiet, nothing dangerous in our movies now. The further Ozone videos are to invite people from the mountains to discover and maybe try snowkiting. This is the reason why nothing “extreme” is shown in this movie. I hope you won’t think that Chasta is not more extreme. Click here to see video

Thanks for your understanding.

Cheers my friends.