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Best (or Worst?) Captions

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t hate fun, but some of the absurd captions on are more ridiculous than Tuesday Night Bouldering. Here’s one I read today in Two Quick Ascents of The Fly: “Video still of Kevin Jorgeson about to soil his trousers while falling from the top of The Fly (V14) at Rumney, New Hampshire.” First of all, did The Fly get downgraded from a route to a boulder problem? Probably. Anyway, here are some other caption and headline abominations from the same site.

Potter Climbs Desperate 40-Foot Roof Crack: “Dean Potter on Zen Garden, near Moab, Utah. ‘If I push hard enough, maybe I can widen this @#%+! crack!'”

Wild Underground Ice Climbing in Sweden: “He’s climbed floating icebergs, he’s climbed hundreds of feet underground. What’s next for Will Gadd–the ice fields of Mars?”

Americans Climb Big Route in Oman: “Jebel Misht in the mist–or, rather, in the desert haze.”

Ouellet Redpoints 5.14 Crack Climb: “La Zebree: The angle of the dangle.”

New Route on Stunning Arwa Tower: “Stephan Siegrist celebrates atop a summit that turned out to be just as pointy as it looked from base camp.”

Two-Kilometer Free Route in Greenland: “Prune fingers: Not the best for crimping.”

Andrada Calls New Link-Up 5.15b: “Yuji Hirayama directs Dani Andrada as he one-hands a gas drill somewhere in Spain.”

New Englanders Complete Huge Traverse in Patagonia: “No, not THAT traverse.”