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Fowler and Boskoff Memorial Funds

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On Dec. 4th, 2006 Christine Boskoff, owner of Mountain Madness and AMGA member, and her climbing partner Charlie Fowler, one of the original AMGA examiners, were scheduled to return from a personal climbing adventure on Genyn Peak, Sichuan Province, China. Charlie’s body was found at the base of the north face, where he was laid to rest by an apparent avalanche. The body of Christine was discovered seven months later on July 3, 2007 around the same height as Charlie. The pair were likely caught in a fatal avalanche on the peak in November of 2006. To learn more, download the AMGA PDF here.

The Christine Boskoff Memorial Fund

To honor Christine, the AMGA has set up a memorial fund in her name. The intent of this fund is to support women taking training and certification programs through the AMGA. The endowment will use the interest of the fund to create a women’s scholarship for all AMGA programs. Christine’s success as a climber and guide service owner inspired many and we are honored to continue this inspiration in her name.

The Charlie Fowler Memorial Fund

In honor of Charlie Fowler his friends have established a memorial fund in his name through the
AMGA. The intent of this fund is to support candidates taking training and certification programs
through the AMGA. The goal is to establish the necessary funds to support a perpetual scholarship using the interest from the endowment for qualified individuals to take an AMGA program. Charlie served as an AMGA examiner in the rock discipline and was a true inspiration as a climber. In Charlie’s memory, the AMGA has created the Charlie Fowler Memorial Scholarship to honor him and his family and in remembrance of his dedication to the guiding and outdoor community.