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One Man’s Booty is Another Person’s Waste of Money

Dirtbags are getting more and more creative in finding ways to prolong their lifestyle. Here’s a rare find. For only $50 you can own the rope that was stuck off to the side of the popular aid route Touchstone in Zion National Park.

The story is worth reading, only for how extreme and romantic someone can make a stuck rope sound like, and how silly getting a rope unstuck can be. Every climber knows what an epic-inducing disaster getting a rope stuck while rappelling can be. I hope I never sing the Batman theme song when jumaring.

What’s next? Bootied cam Christmas tree ornaments? Fifi hook earrings? Dirtbags trolling the base of El Cap could make a fortune in one-of-a-kind climbing decorations. I can’t wait to buy some busted head key chains in Camp 4 for all my climbing family members.