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Red Wine and Climbing

After I read about Nick Bullock being hardcore with a broken wrist in the February 4, 2008 NewsWire I went to his blog to read more about what else he’s done in the area and I stumbled across his writing section. His climbing article about gear “Slings, Wire and Red Wine” is hilarious.

A sample: “In amongst the purple Chianti haze, I spot a thin crack in hard rock. Replacing the heel-hook I grab the small wires from my harness and without hesitation bite the green wire. A sickly-battery-taste makes me gag. Green equals number two. Green equals life, green gives encouragement and energy to continue. Anodised wires were just a selling gimmick I thought on first seeing them. Yes, colourful and shiny, sexy looking and light, but it was just a gimmick wasn’t it? In a flash the green number two slots perfectly, an extender is attached and finally the rope is clipped.”

His writings are well worth a visit. Why can’t all climbers write about what they really do and why it’s worth it (I must credit this idea to Mark Twight) instead of just spray about what they did. I’d like to read more of Nick Bullock and his adventures.