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Return of the Yeti

The yeti does exist according to updated reports by, but is it a bear or really a missing link? Eric Shipton found footprints during an Everest expedition in 1951 and decided they were evidence of the mythical yeti. Reinhold Messner devoted ten years of his life to the mystery and eventually concluded that it was a bear. Most recently Jose Ramon Bacelar found tracks and urine that he claims is evidence of the yeti. During a 2006 expedition to the Himalaya, Bacelar found tracks that led him to believe the yeti was a bear, but these new tracks are different.

Bacelar reported his findings to a bear expert at the University of Minnesota and now one of the most common yeti theories is that it is a brown bear that has adapted to high altitude environments and avoids people to survive. One complication to the theory is that bear experts say that bears don’t walk on their hind legs for extended distances unless they were trained to do so.

I think that some mysteries are better left unsolved. People will continue to see things they can’t explain or don’t conform with their expectations, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Mysteries make experiences exciting. It’s boring to live in a world where nothing is a surprise.

Have a look for yourself and decide if these tracks really are something extraordinary or if they are just a reclusive, highly adaptive bear. Who knows what other creatures are living high in the mountains trying not to be seen.