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Aaron Mulkey

The Pursuit: Norway Ice Climbing

The Pursuit” chronicles two trips to the land of the midnight sun. “The movie is very much self shot,” says Aaron Mulkey, “I wanted to keep the sense of adventure in the film.”

Regulators, Episode 9: Chasing the Unknown

“Chasing the Unknown,” Episode 9 of the Regulators, takes you from the start of the ice season this year in October as my partners and I started hitting the hills in search of ice. It seems like every year we start searching earlier, yet we still expect to find ice somewhere.

Wet Tooling – Deep Water Dry Tooling

Aaron Mulkey was feeling the summer heat, and lack of ice. Luckily, this ice climber wasn’t going to let the high temps or lack of ice get him down. We believe this is the first ever video of Deep Water Dry Tooling (Wet Tooling)!