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Erin Smart on the summit of la Meije in 2016, with the Pic Central in the background. [Photo] Kurt Dienel

La Meije Mountain Profile: An interview with author Erin Smart

Alpinist 60 completes our two-part Mountain Profile of la Meije–a mountain often referred to as the Matterhorn of the Dauphine Alps. In this article, we interview Erin Smart, the author of the Mountain Profile, about the process and the quirky stories she encountered from the mountain’s slopes.

Alpinist Associate Editor and Podcast Host Paula Wright record in the sound booth. [Photo] Alpinist staff

Alpinist Magazine announces Alpinist Podcast season 1: The Voices Behind the Words

In collaboration with Dispatch Radio, Height of Land Publications is pleased to announce the Alpinist podcast, a series of episodes that take the stories Alpinist readers love to a new medium. Each season, the Alpinist podcast delivers fresh interviews and untold stories, humorous adventure tales and discussions of important issues in the climbing world today. Each episode is hosted by Associate Editor Paula Wright.

On the Nose by Hans Florine and Jayme Moye. Falcon Books, 2016. 203 pages. Hardcover, $25. [Photo] Paula Wright

On the Nose with Hans Florine and Jayme Moye

On the Nose chronicles Hans Florine’s “lifelong obsession” with the most iconic route on El Capitan. Herein, we interview Florine and co-author Jayme Moye about their new book documenting Florine’s pursuit of the Nose speed record.

[Photo Bryce Brown]

#alpinistcommunityproject 2016

This week, we’re sharing an assortment of social media posts from the Alpinist Community Project in 2016. In this collection we’re resharing photos from Bryce Brown, James Rushforth, Michael Kennedy, Abhijeet Singh, Jeremy Joseph, Jenny Abegg and Forest Woodward, Tamotsu Nakamura and Caroline Treadway.

Brady Robinson

Public Lands and the Future of Advocacy: An Interview with Brady Robinson (Part I in an Interview Series)

On November 16, 2016, the Access Fund released a statement in response to the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, “What Will the Trump Administration Mean for Climbing?” We’ve since followed up with Brady Robinson, executive director of the Access Fund and chair of the Outdoor Alliance, to learn more about his thoughts on the broader future of environmental issues and public lands–and the roles that climbers might play in helping to conserve wild places.