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Joe Josephson

Reform the 1872 Mining Law

As human-powered outdoor recreation enthusiasts, we all need metal; from climbing carabiners and bike frames to trekking poles and ski edges. The problem lies with 19th century values and policy guiding 21st century high tech mining technology. The laws adopted in 1872 to govern prospecting with a pick and shovel and to help settle the West before the invention of the light bulb are the same laws in use
today. These outdated laws place no regard for the new values and economic future of the west.

Ice and Access in the Hyalite Canyon

Joe Josephson, Montana’s most vocal ice proponent and author of Winter Dance, speaks about the precarious access to Hyalite Canyon: “Often in life, you don’t realize how good you have it until it’s gone–or at least under the threat of being taken away.”