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Colin Haley and Marc-Andre Leclerc Make First Ascent of La Travesia del Oso Buda (aka the “Reverse Torre Traverse”) in Patagonia

From January 18 through 22, Colin Haley and Marc-André Leclerc made the first ascent of what had been dubbed the “Reverse Torre Traverse,” a south-to-north enchainment of Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, Punta Herron and Aguja Standhardt in Argentine Patagonia. They called their route, first attempted by Bjørn-Eivind Årtun and Chad Kellogg in early 2012—and which Haley had also attempted that same year with Jon Walsh only to be stormed off—La Travesía del Oso Buda.

Visions of Charlie Porter: Introduction

“…[A]ll was done quietly, unremarked upon, in classic Porter fashion. With his reticence, [Charlie] Porter was “old-school,” a classical figure from the pre-social, un-hyperlinked past in which actions carried greater weight than words and images…. Thus it’s mainly through hist friends and partners, a few of whom have contributed the essays that follow, that we know anything of Porter’s feats.”