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The Moments Make The Journey

Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle, Angie Payne and the 3 String Productions crew hit the road and waterways to the remote Kangertitivatsiaq Fjord in Greenland late last year. A habitual expedition climber, Libecki introduced remote wall climbing to Pringle, who spend most of the year at competitions and better-established sport climbing and bouldering areas.

Free Climbing Liberty Cap: A Q&A with Cedar Wright

The Golden Age of climbing in Yosemite may have come and gone, but last week, Lucho Rivera and Cedar Wright proved there are still puzzles waiting to be unlocked by creative minds. I caught up with Wright between sips of coffee to hear more about what he calls “one of the best free climbs in Yosemite Valley.”

Death on Yosemite’s Muir Wall

Already through the three cruxes of the climb and just 600 feet from the top of El Capitan, Mason Robison did what we’ve all done before: pulled on a loose block. The rock fell, cutting Robison’s lead rope and sending him to his death. Chris Van Leuven eulogizes the 38-year-old stone mason, analyzes the accident and teaches us something about Yosemite Valley geology.

Fortune Favors the Brave

National rowing champion at the University of Washington and world-traveling American Alpine Institute guide Tad McCrea takes us through a journey of his most recent climbing adventures in Alaska, Patagonia and various parts of North America.