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A Video From Cheyne Lempe

Cheyne Lempe (pronounced Shane) is a twenty-one-year-old climber, photographer and videographer currently living in Yosemite. A contributor for the upcoming Alpinist 39, Cheyne enjoys exploring the climbing life through various mediums, such as this video he created for Beyond Adventure Productions.

When asked about the creation of this film Cheyne told Alpinist, “I wanted to do the video because I was getting sick of doing the whole, ‘Here’s some climbing I went to do in Patagonia, or whatever.’ This video is a breath of fresh air to me. It’s something different that I’ve never done before, and I didn’t have very much time so I edited the video on the fly and I was going with what I felt looked good. My first instinct of which clip should go where just flowed together and it just ended up working out.”

Fun Fact: The team met the groom while climbing on the day of the shoot and invited him to be a part of the ceremony.

Beyond Adventure Productions from Cheyne Lempe on Vimeo.