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Sweetspots #14: BASE with Tom Erik Heimen

From the Sweetspots website, about this film: We all met up in a town called Andalsnes. Then we had to wait around for the camera gear. A huge lens and a tripod had gone missing in transit and we had to hang around for three days before they were delivered. But luckily, those were the only bad weather days we had. As soon as all the gear arrived, it was sunny days all the way for the rest of the fortnight. In Norway, that’s a miracle!

Andalsnes was our base. From there, we made trips out to the various locations. We had ten people all driving around together, looking for the night’s hotel, getting lost. Usually, on a trip that intensive, there’s always some personal conflict or tension. On this trip, there was nothing. Everything was so easy and fun. Everyone was in the same frame of mind, there was no stress. Everything just clicked.

The moment that sticks in my mind is when we were jumping at a spot called Bispen, close to Trollveggen. There’s a road there that winds up the valley and in summer it’s packed with tourist buses. You’re flying really close to the road and the buses were all stopping to watch us. You actually land in a parking lot down at the bottom and the tourists were all out there clapping. It was a sight to see! That day, I had one of the best jumps of my life.

–Tom Erik Heimen, Romsdalen, Norway